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Friday, 2 December 2011


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe died so young an age,

Ageing will never be a problem for her.

Age can never rob Marilyn Monroe's beauty.

Throughout the ages, an ageless beauty.

Marilyn Monroe fascinating legend rest on

Her SOME LIKE IT HOT yet vulnerable screen magnetism,

Magnificent persona of a masterpiece of beauty, that

Mere mention of MM or a Marilyn brings memories of her.

Moreover it is a moving memoir of a nobody's child to everybody's idol.

Her mother named her Norma Jean Baker,

Her father, a mystery and her mother, sent to madhouse.

Became one of THE MISFITS in a long line of foster home.

Her incredible tale from rags to riches,

Epitomised American dream of small town girl making it big,

Also, astounding feat of making mark in her time and all times.

Is a typical HOMETOWN' S STORY of a girl who took a ride

To a BUS STOP at the ASPHALT JUNGLE called Hollywood.


Where the past does not matter, only beauty and talent will pass muster.

Studied and honed her skills in acting, singing and dancing,


Made her smashing, smart move to dye her hair

And changed her name to M A-R-I-L-Y-N M-O-N-R-O-E.

Her curvaceous figure, sultry LET'S MAKE LOVE look

Played to the hilt in the film NIAGARA

Got her torrents of fans and meteoric momentum to sex symbol status.


Sang her well known song, DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL BEST FRIEND,

Had marvellous face and figure to marry one yet did not.

Marilyn Monroe was no materialistic money grabber, much inspired

Men in her life, flickering romantic glow, glimmering after she had gone;

One even sent one red rose daily to her grave till too, he was done.

Among her lovers, only one could be called rich and powerful.

The prince in the Kennedy dynasty, President Kennedy.


Rumoured to have a LOVE NEST at the White House.

She sang famously at the president's birthday party,

Stories of her hope to be THE SEVEN ITCH permanent relief,  

That she : LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL, while

He: WE ARE NOT MARRIED and never will.

SOMETHING GOT TO GIVE; it happened on that August night.

She did a RIVER OF NO RETURN by downing

Pebbles of barbiturates and never woke up again.

Down in doldrums, downed it herself or was forced down?

Merciless measure to muzzle a menace?

Murky mystery,mystifying her myth.

Marilyn Monroe,mainly mesmerizing, matchless sex symbol.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How To Be Famous In A Short Time?

justin biefer
Justin Biefer has found the answer to being famous

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Just follow singing sensation and teen idol, Justin Bieber!

Just before he has turned 16, he had already found

The answer on how to be famous in a short time.

Just enter a singing contest, congratulations!

Won a consolation of second place.

Just do not give up, all is not lost yet.

Just have a standpoint of THAT SHOULD BE ME  in the first place!

Just have a strong-minded mindset of I'M BORN TO BE SOMEBODY,

And an attitude of needless to say,NEVER SAY NEVER.

Just mind you,have also COMMON DENOMINATOR of

Easily, exceedingly an extraordinary singing talent,

Absolutely appealing adorable BABY face,

Backed with big blue eyes or BIG BROWN EYES,

Arresting fringe hairstyle trademark,


DOWN TO EARTH wholesome image that all parents loved,

And just the kind of guy that  romantic fanciful girls fantasied,

The KISS AND TELL, flattering, that you  are the FAVOURITE GIRL,

For that you make U SMILE and feel like  ONE LESS LONELY GIRL!

Then just proceed to PRAY, pursue, persist, positive, patient,

To pioneer the harnessing the power  of You Tube to

Post,post and post your music videos to go

OVERBOARD, become viral, invariable and vibrant attraction,

That EENIE MEENIE, ONE TIME  lucky chance;

Fortuitous call from famous singer like Usher,

Who would like to usher you to MY WORLD.

Just do not be SPEECHLESS; sally forth to set up a dinner date,

SET A PLACE AT YOUR TABLE, in a salubrious place,

To necessary nurture his heart through his stomach,

So nurture your SECOND CHANCE at a shot for stardom.

Sail scorching to the world music charts with a big hit,

FOLLOW UP  with BIGGER and bigger hits,

There you made it, your first million hits, fans and money.

Just do not forget, pulsating popularity of female fans,

One of them will get an idea of how to be famous in a short time;

PICK ME up, pregnant  and paternity suit,

Hey presto! STRUCK  IN THE MOMENT of media attention!


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

+1 to 1+1

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Star: Beyonce

Works: her song titles

Words: I see, see, as :-

** Beyonce **
Beyonce byword for BOOTYLICIOUS
Beyonce, HIP HOP STAR, bestowed with

Beauteous, bold CREOLE looks and a

Beyond compare figure !

Beyond a doubt IF I WERE A BOY, would

Be too, in DA CLUB of being

Besotted with CRAZY FEELINGS for her !



Began her singing career in

Buddy group of three; DESTINY CHILD was born,

Boon was she, BEING THE REASON for the group

Booming success for she was both singer and song-writer.

Before long as suggestions

Broached to UPGRADE U got to her,

Begin a solo singer during the group hiatus,

Bickering and bumptious got to her,


Beyonce gone from the group of three to only two,

Bleak future for them for she was, IRREPLACEABLE.

Been accused of EGO, ME,MYSELF, I and NASTY GIRL

Be thrown at, as well as


Became more famous soon after the

Breakaway as her songs were JUMPIN,JUMPIN ,

Blasting high up the world charts records.

Before long THE COUNTDOWN to DIVA status has

Began as she brightens up the music scene.

Began a HELLO with rapper Jay-Z, which

Became a FIRST TIME DEVA VU feeling arose as


Before long she would be saying, I'M GLAD THERE'S YOU,

Be an INDEPENDENT WOMAN no more only

Biddable BE WITH YOU till END OF TIME!

Being no BEAUTIFUL LIAR as WHAT IS IT GONNA BE was marriage, in 2008.

Before long began WISHING ON A STAR for an ANGEL,

Be granted: MY WAITING of +1 to my 1+1,

Be at last ecstatic, ALL l COULD DO WAS CRY when wishes WORK IT OUT.

Starwordsworks: that is how I see it, how about you? Engine Submission

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

RIght HAiling NAme

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

** Rihanna **
Rihanna right ringing name!

WHAT'S MY NAME? Rihanna, from Barbados.West Indies,

THE WAIT IS OVA for a reggae rhythm and blues singer.


Who can make the MUSIC IN THE SUN.

When my debut PON DE REPLAY is on


DISTURBIA  on the dance floor.

LIVE YOU LIFE  to the fullest is what I say,

People say I am a GOOD GIRL GONE BAD

When they see me in sexy and risque outfits.

I DON'T EVEN TRY  to explain how it's a

MAD HOUSE in the music world.

WE RIDE  on the roller coaster of fame,

Most of the time LIVIN A LIE.

The FIRST TIME  I saw Chris Brown,


HYPNOTISED by his smooth ways,

HOTNESS  in my loin and even a MILLION MILES AWAY,

I am still HAUNTED  by him.

THIS LOVE  or did I MIX IT UP  with lust?

Then it happened the dream went BOOM, BOOM,

On the eve of the Grammy Awards,

RUMOURS  circulated that he beat me up,

Worse was to follow,

PHOTOGRAPHS  of my bruised face appeared in the net,









I know YOU DON'T LOVE ME (NO, NO, NO) but


Life with Chris was like a RUSSIAN ROULETTE,

A dice game where I might get

A HOLE IN MY HEART  if I stick around too long!

It's now a COLD CASE LOVE,

He was a SILLY BOY,

LEMME GET THAT  out of my way and moved on.

I will call SOS (RESCUE ME) if he is around.

If he sings any REDEMPTION SONG  or says:




Any crying to be done, will be the CRY  of

Rihanna, Rihanna, when I am on stage!

THERE'S NO LOOKING BACK, the world has yet to see more of Rihanna,

FOUR EVERMORE, there will only be Rihanna, pop sensation, West Indies.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Friends into Lovers, into Friends again ? 


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

** Jennifer Aniston **
Next door girl beauty of Jennifer Aniston

Star: Jennifer Aniston

Works: her movies titles

Words : I see, see as :-

Jennifer Aniston is the jaunty, GOOD GIRL next door beauty,

Just who every mother would wish their son to marry for :

SHE 'S THE ONE the press call American sweetheart;

Just the type to make HORRIBLE BOSSES likely melted in her smiles !

Just like THE SWITCH of jocund playboy Brad Pitt into

The marrying kind when Jennifer showed up,

Jerk jolted him thinking to TILL THERE WAS YOU.

Joined into LOVE HAPPINESS they were soon married.

Just when everything was going smoothly, life played a …

Joke to test their love, commitment and resilience;

As the WANDERLUST career of a star,

Took Brad Pitt to the set of Mr.and Mrs.Smith,

ALONG CAME POLLY albeit in the guise of

The hottest star of the moment, Angelina Jolie.

Justifying what an enchanting bombshell Angelina Jolie was,

DERAILED Brad and Jennifer apparent appearances of perfect amalgamation.

RUMOURS HAS IT that there were sizzling scenes

Between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on and off the set.

FRIENDS told Jennifer that HE JUST NOT THAT IN YOU anymore,

Jerky marriage and THE BREAK UP was inevitable.

Just then, Brad opened up and told her :

THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION is now Angelina Jolie.

Just in a jiffy they were divorced in 2005.

Just back to a single again, THE MANAGEMENT of her life

Is just a lesson on life's too short, not to jib, joie de vivre and JUST GO WITH it.

Starwordsworks: that is how I see it, how about you ?

    Monday, 3 October 2011

    Sometimes Angelic, Sometimes Not

    Star : Angelina Jolie
    Works: her movies titles
    ** Angelina Jolie **
    Not Angelic but Hot !(courtesy of Google images)
    Words: I see, see, as :-

    Agreeably actor Angelina Jolie with her amazing hot, sultry look

    And equally, sexy, alluring, arousing figure does not add up as an angel,

    Additionally, her acquiring of Brad Pitt was assuredly not angelic!

    THE FEVER started on the set of MR. AND MRS. SMITH,

    Taking them back to the ORIGINAL SIN of Adam and Eve,

    WITHOUT EVIDENCE, the paparazzi tried hard to get pictures

    Of them cozy together but the pair was on to them

    And was GONE IN SIXTY SECOND, as soon as they appeared on the scene.

    Jennifer Aniston then became A GIRL INTERRUPTED in her matrimony tracks,

    Acquisitive Angelina was accused of being heartless as a CYBORG,

    Asunder Jennifer's marriage of seven years,

    Adding SALT to Jennifer's wound, she later added,

    He was LOOKIN TO GET OUT anyway!

    Admittedly and admirably a MIGHTY HEART has she,

    When as THE TOURIST in Ethiopia,

    She adopted an Ethiopian child, Zahara,

    But was accused of PLAYING GOD with the poor

    As she fills her huge home with another two adopted children.

    LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT if they not rescued is her belief.

    LOVE IS ALL THERE between this power couple,

    With their adopted foreign children and their own brood of three,

    The question now is, will there be a wedding to be held

    BEYOND THE BORDERS of America?

    They are not telling!

    Starwordsworks: that is how I see it, how about you ?

    Sunday, 25 September 2011

    Pitt Perfect,Brad Not Always So

    Star: Brad Pitt

    Works: his movies titles

    Words: I see, see, as :-
    Pitt perfect face (courtesy of Google images)

    Picture THE IMAGE of male beauty ,hot superstar, Brad Pitt comes to mind,

    Put his golden boy looks in magazines,mainly will

    Get him voted one of the sexiest men in the world.

    Packed his bag and headed to KALIFORNIA,

    while still studying in college.

    MEGAMIND thinking ; CONTACT to COOL WORLD of Hollywood,

    When still young gave him a good head start.

    To SNATCH a ticket to fame and fortune

    Played a smooth, debauched drifter in the film THELMA AND LOUISE.

    His CUTTING CLASS portray of this charismatic character catapulted

    Him as sex symbol to millions of female fans.

    TRUE ROMANCE with Friends actress, Jennifer Aniston,

    Whose dishy, girl next door looks, found favor with him,

    For they tied the knot in 2000.

    They were then the rare breed of successful Hollywood couple till

    THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUN cast an eclipse on the seemly happy marriage.

    On the the set of MR. AND MRS. SMITH,

    He met delectable dish, spicy and sexy, Anjelina Jolie.

    They played a married couple even when the camera was not on them.

    Soon the press was on to them,

    A SPY GAME to get evidence of passionate pictures together soon follow.

    Wrong way wrung worry to keep the secret from his wife,

    Must had picked a lesson or two from his film, TROY,

    Keep people happy, unveiled only when the time is right.

    Denied any relationship with Angelina ,

    Told Jennifer to BURN AFTER BURNING such reports in the tabloid.

    THE FAVOUR did Jennifer no good as he filed for divorce later.

    Since then he 's HAPPY TOGETHER with Angelina,

    Fathered a daughter and even a pair of twins with her!

    In times of old, children of unwed parents

    Would have been called INGLORIOUS BASTARDS !.

    The question now is, will they get married ?

    Are they waiting SE7EN years into relationship before marrying?

    Only they will know and they are not telling.

    Starwordsworks: that's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

    Saturday, 17 September 2011

    Gorgeously GAg GArb

    Star: Lady Gaga

    Works: her song titles from her albums

    ** Lady Gaga **
    Isn't Lady Gaga gorgeous like a Christmas tree fairy?

    Words: I see, see, as :-
    Got to give to Lady Gaga who often left us gasping with amazement

    And SPEECHLESS with her weird wigs, colorful HAIR extension,

    Theatrical, SOMETHING CRAZY FASHION sense,

    Which can rival a glittering CHRISTMAS TREE.


     DANCE FREAK RETRO pop songs that we JUST DANCE to her tunes.

    Every time her albums are out, gearing up the charts AGAIN AND AGAIN,

    The FEVER for her MONSTER hits goes OUT OF CONTROL.

    Got the PAPARAZZI following her everywhere like

    STARSTRUCK lovers in long drew LOVE GAME,

    Or like lovesick stalkers in a BAD ROMANCE.

    OH, WELL, that THE FAME, of being on EDGE OF GLORY,


    Got an attitude of WE ARE BIG GIRLS NOW going for the success,

    The GREATNESS title and the MONEY, HONEY.

    Got a reputation with her giving heart and HONEST EYES,

    Being the first celebrity to give to the Japanese stricken by tsunami,

    A BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY RICH star with a heart.

    Give you no WORDS, only an EH, EH, (NOTHING ELSE I CAN SAY)

    And showed a POKER FACE if flaks are thrown at her,

    NO WAY, she is going to change, she is BORN THIS WAY.

    Granted, a gifted, gorgeously, gag garb, singer songwriter: Lady Gaga.

    Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !' title='Gorgeously GAg GArb'>Read more »

    Thursday, 8 September 2011

    Beyond Bard's Words

    Star: William Shakespeare

    Works: all his plays

    Words: I see, see, as :-

    My tenth post, a special tribute to a star since my schooldays: Shakespeare.
    william shakespeare
    William Shakespeare

    Friends, fans of the Bard, fellow readers,

    Lend me your ears, I come to blog, praise, propound,

    The peerless, paragon of playwright and poet,

    Master of all time: William Shakespeare.

    His plays rich in profitable pointers, for he was,

    A decidedly, didactic, dramatist.

    Long before life coach, personal development motivators,

    Success coach, relationship counselor, management consultant,

    Financial adviser, were coined, there was, the Bard.

    Look beyond his lush, beautiful word plays,

    To learn long, lasting tips of:-

    To not be disheartened by any disadvantage, it could be adroitly turn into advantage,

    Or will not be as successful as Mark Anthony, master of turnaround, in JULIUS CAESAR.

    To have time management in place before indulges particularly, pertinent to bosses,

    Or else a green upstart with big ambition like an Octavius in ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA, will stage a takeover.

    To pay oneself before spending on friends,

    Or be a TIMON OF ATHENS in the making, money gone, and friends flown.

    To comprehend that competitors are not sleeping companions,

    Or they will surpass and suppress as in TITUS ANDRONICUS.

    To flourish in life, is to have more than one strong point to depend on,

    Or likely languished and defeated like the Trojans in TROILUS AND CRESSIDA,

    When their lone strength, legendary Hector, was killed.

    To wise up like PERICLES, PRINCE OF TYRE, that some contest, win

    Or lose makes no difference, invariably ended up gaining nothing.

    To outsource what you are not good at to another more able, like the Bastard, leading England against France in war,

    Or not be successful like KING JOHN, had limitations yet managed to hold on his position.

    To be cool and calm in crisis albeit seemly possible defeat,

    Or likewise, use whatever resources at hand; likely achieve

    Stunning successes like the Black Prince in EDWARD III.

    To realize the important of forethought before speaking unlike King Henry IV,

    Or resulted in regret, remorse that rectify nothing as in the case of poor RICHARD II.

    To stick to your stand, not protested, yet be seduced and succumbed by sweet words of men like RICHARD III,

    Or be sneered behind the back like Lady Anne whom he later married and killed.

    To anticipate change in friendship once circumstances and position were altered,

    Or be like a Falstaff in HENRY IV, ignored and banished when Prince Hal became king.

    To rally with motivating, morale-boosting preparatory talks like HENRY V before embarking against the odds projects,

    Or suffer deeply, demoralizing defeat as the French did in Agincourt.

    To be strong in self-belief and confidence as inspirational Joan of Arc in HENRY VI, not muscular,

    Or trained in fighting yet miraculously managed to fight and won against the English in war.

    To be aware and alerted of husband's company of friends,

    Or alas! An artful Wolsey can put in abominably wicked notions and put a marriage in asunder: HENRY VIII.

    To bear in mind; brevity of words do not mean lack of care and concern,

    Or that profusion of words do not mean abundance of affection: KING LEAR.

    To have effective and reliable communication tool, feedback before proceeding,

    Or may experience a situation like ROMEO AND JULIET; resulting in fatal consequences.

    To make fast, decisive decisions, list pro and cons, worst-case scenarios with counter-actions,

    Or ended up like a dithered HAMLET, dilly-dallying in a dilemma.

    To read fine prints and in between lines in all documents,

    Or be tricked as Shylock was in MERCHANT OF VENICE.

    To discard myopic principles of the ends justify the means

    Or ended up like MACBETH, the pickings fallen to the Malcolm of the world.

    To reward, remunerate, promote, subordinate who served well,

    Or they might turn into another sly, sabotaging Iago as in OTHELLO.

    To refuse request from strangers to safe guard their belongings

    Or ended up like unsuspecting, innocent Imogen accused of wrongdoing in CYMBELINE.

    To realize that some bosses like Duke of Vienna in MEASURE FOR MEASURE, tend to

    test their assistant,

    Or ended up like arrogant, autocratic Angelo whose authority, taken away.

    To recognize that upper echelon do not view subordinate as suitable companion for life,

    Or ended up like Malvolio in TWELFTH NIGHT, a blunt of practical jokes.

    To know one's limitation and set attainable aims,

    Or be thought of as feeble failures as in LOVE LABOUR LOST.

    To be an understanding head both at home and workplace,

    Or suffered dissension, dissatisfaction, alienation, like CORIOLANUS, disposed off.

    To best of friends like THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA who share same tastes and interests, Inclined to include fancying same women too,

    Or like Valentine discovering too late Proteus betraying their friendship.

    To have integrity and always do the right thing unlike Leontes in THE WINTER'S TALE,

    Or loss a top-rated assistant likes a Camillo, to another country/company.

    To win and control someone, let them shine and bask in their good guy role and image,

    Or will not be as successful as a Petruchio of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.

    To think just because higher status, title or sex likes a Sir Falstaff played

    ordinary people around,

    Or be outsmarted and made a clown by common housewives like MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR.

    To consider at times strange twist of fate with coincidences can happen,

    Or be confused and clueless like the characters in COMEDY OF ERRORS.

    To keep abreast of your competitors in innovations, inventions, technology, know how,

    Or will be like a Caliban, once a master then a slave in THE TEMPEST.

    To fear not if suddenly out of job/comfortable existence: venture forth to greener pasture with savings and supportive friend/family,

    Or will not be as enterprising survivor as Rosalind in AS YOU LIKE IT.

    To keep secret, singularly successful but shady, sordid, slickly sly sham/schemes,

    Or suffered baleful backlash like bragging Barachio in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

    To dare to pursuit one's dreams as Bottom and group in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM,

    Or more likely lead a mundane, monotonous, mediocre life.

    As for the Bard, was he not an inspiration?

    Was Shakespeare not a stirring, stimulating, steering star?

    He was born in Stafford-upon-Avon in 1564,

    Married a girl two years older with a baby on the way,


    Anyway, it was MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING,

    As ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL, when they eventually have three children.

    Had A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM to feed his growing family,

    Off he went to seek his fame and fortune in London.

    Within a short space of time, created THE TEMPEST of

    Unbridled jealousy with his AS YOU LIKE IT plays, played to full house.

    His winds of change to the English language is still unabated,

    A country lad with no university degree to made such a permanent mark.

    He was not born great, nor has greatness thrust upon him,

    But achieve greatness through his own efforts,

    The stuff that dreams are made on,

    Poet, playwright, par excellence.

    From his day to the ending of the world,

    Shakespeare shall be remembered.

    Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

    If you disagreed or other opinions, pray do share and comment!

    Thursday, 1 September 2011

    Charlie up, shin up

    Star: Charlie Sheen

    Works: his movies titles

    Words: I see, see, as :-

    Charlie Sheen shines on, shines off on fame and notoriety,

    Saga began with THE ARRIVAL of THE ROOKIE with

    ** Charlie Sheen **
    Charlie Sheen
    5 ACES: attractive, aplomb, audacity,

    Acting ability and an advantage last name.

    Joined YOUNG GUNS status in 1986 with a

    Casting in blockbuster film, PLATOON. Soon after,

    Hit a bad patch like a segment of SCARY MOVIES:

    Drugs, alcohol, abusive behavior, gunshot shooting and violence.

    Make a comeback in T.V., a few years later,

    Was splendid in SPIN CITY, went on

    To situation comedy 2 ½ MEN, making it a hit.

    Presumptuously, perhaps, felt MONEY NEVER SLEEP, easy money,

    FREE MONEY that precipitate a RED DAWN of downing

    The Alcoholic Anonymous Association, LOOSE WOMEN and

    His show's creator with LOADED WEAPONS of

    Raging rage and sneering, sarcastic words.

    Got the BIG BOUNCE out of the show.

    Should have heeded GOOD ADVICE that even

    HOT SHOTS get the DEAD FALL when the boss is scoffed.
    ** Kicking shin **
    courtesy of google images

    NO CODE OF CONDUCT allows kicking the boss's shin ,

    Without expecting painful, bruising side effects!

    He could now be doing a POSTMORTEM of his false moves,

    Getting a FRAME BY FRAME analysis of FIXING THE SHADOW,

    To GET OUT OF THE DARKNESS of his career.

    To chin up and shin up, back to THE CHASE, back to the MAJOR LEAGUE.

    Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

    Friday, 26 August 2011

    Troubled Terminator ....needs Eraser?!

    Star: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Works: his movies titles

    Words: I see, see, as :-

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was the PUMPING IRON from Austria,

    Who came for fame and fortune to America.

    Hope to become THE LAST ACTION HERO

    So that he can JINGLE ALL THE WAY to the bank.

    Married into an influential, famous family and

    Was THE RUNNING MAN going upwards in politics.

    Was it a modify version of the KINDERTEN COP

    Who observed he often visited a lookalike

    JUNIOR of himself?

    JUDGEMENT DAY soon beacons when

    TRUE LIES were exposed in the media.

    RED HEAT soon arose in his wife, Maria Shiver,

    Who was dealt such had a RAW DEAL.

    Vision of RED SONJA is compared to Maria Shiver

    As she fought COLLATERAL DAMAGE done to her family.

    Some editors had a TOTAL RECALL of his

    Commando style manner of 

    A PREDATOR some women alleged him to be.

    A TERMINATOR of his marriage, career and dreams he becomes !

    The question now is;

    Can he be an ERASER of such a bad image?

    Only Time can tell.   

    Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

    Friday, 19 August 2011

    Lilo, log in, log out

    Star: Lindsay Lohan
    Works: her movies titles
    photo courtsey of google images

    Words: I see, see, as :-

    Lindsay Lohan: log in, log out;
    Locked down with  leg or wrist monitor,

    Locked up in jail or house.
     Lost in limbo,no longer,
    The promising star since three;

    Did fashion modeling, commercials, and T.V. shows,

    She later said: JUST MY LUCK to have an early start.

    She did the PARENT TRAP in 1998,

    Played the dual role of the twins.

    Went on to become an overnight sensation,

    She then did the parties rounds, car crashes,

    Alcohol and drugs to become a tabloid fixture.

    Perfect some days, turned up late or not at day,

    Made the directors and producers mad,

    It’s FREAKY FRIDAY nightmare for them.

    Lindasay Lohan does want to CHANGE AND MEND her ways,

    She did wear all those bracelets and ankle monitors,

    She done house arrest and time in jail.

    She did go to rehab ever so often, got


    Lindsay Lohan did mean to return the necklace,

    Only the salesgirls panicked and called the police.

    What MEAN GIRLS they were!

    She did star in  I KNOW WHO KILLED ME,

    Here’s hoping she blamed herself and not someone else.

    Here’s hoping she GET A CLUE to reborn back in the

    Lindsay Lohan, star of  her generation!

    Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

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