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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How To Be Famous In A Short Time?

justin biefer
Justin Biefer has found the answer to being famous

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Just follow singing sensation and teen idol, Justin Bieber!

Just before he has turned 16, he had already found

The answer on how to be famous in a short time.

Just enter a singing contest, congratulations!

Won a consolation of second place.

Just do not give up, all is not lost yet.

Just have a standpoint of THAT SHOULD BE ME  in the first place!

Just have a strong-minded mindset of I'M BORN TO BE SOMEBODY,

And an attitude of needless to say,NEVER SAY NEVER.

Just mind you,have also COMMON DENOMINATOR of

Easily, exceedingly an extraordinary singing talent,

Absolutely appealing adorable BABY face,

Backed with big blue eyes or BIG BROWN EYES,

Arresting fringe hairstyle trademark,


DOWN TO EARTH wholesome image that all parents loved,

And just the kind of guy that  romantic fanciful girls fantasied,

The KISS AND TELL, flattering, that you  are the FAVOURITE GIRL,

For that you make U SMILE and feel like  ONE LESS LONELY GIRL!

Then just proceed to PRAY, pursue, persist, positive, patient,

To pioneer the harnessing the power  of You Tube to

Post,post and post your music videos to go

OVERBOARD, become viral, invariable and vibrant attraction,

That EENIE MEENIE, ONE TIME  lucky chance;

Fortuitous call from famous singer like Usher,

Who would like to usher you to MY WORLD.

Just do not be SPEECHLESS; sally forth to set up a dinner date,

SET A PLACE AT YOUR TABLE, in a salubrious place,

To necessary nurture his heart through his stomach,

So nurture your SECOND CHANCE at a shot for stardom.

Sail scorching to the world music charts with a big hit,

FOLLOW UP  with BIGGER and bigger hits,

There you made it, your first million hits, fans and money.

Just do not forget, pulsating popularity of female fans,

One of them will get an idea of how to be famous in a short time;

PICK ME up, pregnant  and paternity suit,

Hey presto! STRUCK  IN THE MOMENT of media attention!



  1. quite a complex formula i must say

  2. Hi Adamfaiz,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    To be famous in short time needs complexity which not everybody has or can do.

  3. Great use of song titles. I just stumbled upon your blog and it seems we have similar taste in music. I am curious, are you also an avid concert attender?

  4. Thanks Brian for dropping by,
    Truth to tell, do not attend concerts much,
    Totally into listening to the T.V,radio and net,
    Towards more visitors like you to my blog!
    Till then, looking forward your next visit!

  5. "An attitude of needless to say,NEVER SAY NEVER" - Great words.
    I am mad on hearing songs, just love to write of my own.....