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Friday, 19 August 2011

Lilo, log in, log out

Star: Lindsay Lohan
Works: her movies titles
photo courtsey of google images

Words: I see, see, as :-

Lindsay Lohan: log in, log out;
Locked down with  leg or wrist monitor,

Locked up in jail or house.
 Lost in limbo,no longer,
The promising star since three;

Did fashion modeling, commercials, and T.V. shows,

She later said: JUST MY LUCK to have an early start.

She did the PARENT TRAP in 1998,

Played the dual role of the twins.

Went on to become an overnight sensation,

She then did the parties rounds, car crashes,

Alcohol and drugs to become a tabloid fixture.

Perfect some days, turned up late or not at day,

Made the directors and producers mad,

It’s FREAKY FRIDAY nightmare for them.

Lindasay Lohan does want to CHANGE AND MEND her ways,

She did wear all those bracelets and ankle monitors,

She done house arrest and time in jail.

She did go to rehab ever so often, got


Lindsay Lohan did mean to return the necklace,

Only the salesgirls panicked and called the police.

What MEAN GIRLS they were!

She did star in  I KNOW WHO KILLED ME,

Here’s hoping she blamed herself and not someone else.

Here’s hoping she GET A CLUE to reborn back in the

Lindsay Lohan, star of  her generation!

Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

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