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Friday, 5 August 2011

Tailored for Super Stardom

Star: Elizabeth Taylor
Works: her movies titles
Words: I see, see, as :-
elizabeth taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Superstar Elizabeth Taylor,

Classic beauty with piercing violet eyes,
Proud dignity, magnificent bearing and an
Ability to make men fall for her;
The CLEOPATRA of Hollywood.

Elizabeth Taylor, like child stars Shirley  Temple,

And Judy Garland started young;                             

THE LITTLE WOMEN of yesteryear Hollywood,
Yet, only Elizabeth Taylor,
Reigned over many decades.

Elizabeth Taylor got her big break in
That film made her a star but broke her back.
Plagued with bad health thereafter,
THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN had a high price to pay.

RHAPSODY of Elizabeth Taylor if play
Will have fabulous jewelries, pain -killer addiction,
Scandals, tragedies, love affairs and many marriages.
Married at 18 to first, charming hotel
Heir Conrad Hilton,
THE MIRROR CRACK'D when she was beaten.
Never one to be downed, upped ,
To marry another seven times.
The great love of her life: Richard Burton.
Married him twice, LOVE IS BETTER THAN EVER in his arms.

Theirs were a passionate and tempestuous relationship.

He would discover THE TAMING OF THE SHREW,

A challenging game.


Before calling it a day in 1976.

She would go on to marry another two men.

FOR A GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING, Elizabeth Taylor, did not

Forget friends in need ; namely Michael Jackson and Rock Hudson.

When Rock Hudson died of AIDS,
She famously campaigned for AIDS charities and foundations
Giving them A PLACE IN THE SUN.
Elizabeth Taylor a great star: a great heart.

She was also a great survivor and fighter,
Majestically fought, series of ill health and weight problem,
Lost her sexy, shapely figure,
Gained a bemoaned, bulky frame which some

Unkindly called, ELEPHANT WALK.

One of THE V.I.P.s. in movie land,
An outstanding beauty, equally outstanding talent.
For Elizabeth Taylor, no roles undaunted her,

Tailored and tagged them to seamlessly slipped
Into them and won accolades.

Best actress in  BUTTERFIED 8 in 1960 and


 Elizabeth Taylor, truly,  typify a  GIANT    among
Many mighty contemporaries.   

Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !



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