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Friday, 26 August 2011

Troubled Terminator ....needs Eraser?!

Star: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Works: his movies titles

Words: I see, see, as :-

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the PUMPING IRON from Austria,

Who came for fame and fortune to America.


So that he can JINGLE ALL THE WAY to the bank.

Married into an influential, famous family and

Was THE RUNNING MAN going upwards in politics.

Was it a modify version of the KINDERTEN COP

Who observed he often visited a lookalike

JUNIOR of himself?

JUDGEMENT DAY soon beacons when

TRUE LIES were exposed in the media.

RED HEAT soon arose in his wife, Maria Shiver,

Who was dealt such had a RAW DEAL.

Vision of RED SONJA is compared to Maria Shiver

As she fought COLLATERAL DAMAGE done to her family.

Some editors had a TOTAL RECALL of his

Commando style manner of 

A PREDATOR some women alleged him to be.

A TERMINATOR of his marriage, career and dreams he becomes !

The question now is;

Can he be an ERASER of such a bad image?

Only Time can tell.   

Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

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