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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ode to Amy Winehouse

Star: Amy Winehouse
Works: song titles from her albums
Words: I see, see, as :-

Anybody could see that she was on the way to destruction,
Anything that could have stopped that disaster?
Anyone Stronger Than Me to avert it?
Alas! no,
She died at 27 , on 23/7/2011.
Amy Winehouse,
Animated the pop scene as a powerful,soul, R&B singer.
Acclaimed as a new artist with 5 Grammy Awards in 2006.
Angst-ridden when Cupid sent problematic man to her life
What Is It About Men in her life that torn and troubled her,
Astounded her family and friends ; married a difficult, co-dependent
Man who In My Bed/You Send Me Flying.
Anguished in marital woes ,sang Love Is A Losing Game.
Addicted to drugs and alcohol,
Annually would be news of entering Rehab,
Alcoholic Logic of Do Me Good to see my doctors as Just Friends,
You're Wondering Now, a new Amy  emerged, sadly, The Little Things
Became big and she back to square one.
Annoyed audiences when she's addled on the stage,
And cancelled her tours and concerts.
Antics like that took her Back To Black hole of more drugs and
Alcohol, yet her  telling , tragic and Frank
Answer was : You Know I'm No Good
And Tears Dry On Their Own as too tired
To Take The Box of tissues.
An army of resistance to drugs and alcohol, she was not 
An amazing soul, jazz, retro singer-songwriter, she was .
Amy Winehouse,
Arms of arresting tattoos, arresting beehive hairdos, arresting voice and
Armed with an incredible, unique, arresting talent : arrested in her prime.

Starwordsworks: That's how I see it, how do you see it ? Feel free to comment !

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