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Monday, 3 October 2011

Sometimes Angelic, Sometimes Not

Star : Angelina Jolie
Works: her movies titles
** Angelina Jolie **
Not Angelic but Hot !(courtesy of Google images)
Words: I see, see, as :-

Agreeably actor Angelina Jolie with her amazing hot, sultry look

And equally, sexy, alluring, arousing figure does not add up as an angel,

Additionally, her acquiring of Brad Pitt was assuredly not angelic!

THE FEVER started on the set of MR. AND MRS. SMITH,

Taking them back to the ORIGINAL SIN of Adam and Eve,

WITHOUT EVIDENCE, the paparazzi tried hard to get pictures

Of them cozy together but the pair was on to them

And was GONE IN SIXTY SECOND, as soon as they appeared on the scene.

Jennifer Aniston then became A GIRL INTERRUPTED in her matrimony tracks,

Acquisitive Angelina was accused of being heartless as a CYBORG,

Asunder Jennifer's marriage of seven years,

Adding SALT to Jennifer's wound, she later added,

He was LOOKIN TO GET OUT anyway!

Admittedly and admirably a MIGHTY HEART has she,

When as THE TOURIST in Ethiopia,

She adopted an Ethiopian child, Zahara,

But was accused of PLAYING GOD with the poor

As she fills her huge home with another two adopted children.

LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT if they not rescued is her belief.

LOVE IS ALL THERE between this power couple,

With their adopted foreign children and their own brood of three,

The question now is, will there be a wedding to be held


They are not telling!

Starwordsworks: that is how I see it, how about you ?


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  2. I like her she's cute and knows her onions in the industry...i got ur comment on my blog.

  3. Thank-you, Kanyinulia, for visiting and commenting.
    Hope to see you again!